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(Dhaka, Bangladesh – Jan 20, 2020)
Right after the establishment of the Department of World Religions and Culture at the University of Dhaka, some of the best ways have been initiated toward making religious study meaningful and lasting. Thus, academic study of Caodaism, alongside other world religions, has already broadened its theoretical focus and research interests. Notably, sixteen years of teaching (since 2003) history of Caodaism at the University of Dhaka has spurred more than 1300 students who are currently involved in important services with GOs and NGOs in and outside Bangladesh. However, since the inception of its academic journey in World Religions and Culture I have been struggling with helping Cao Dai study retain and make effective use of its teachings in both substantive and functional ways.
Major Focus of the Course
This course examines the various aspects of Cao Dai religion which specially deal with the contemporary issues. The somewhat ironic aspects of the religion refer to the remarkable homogeneity of the Vietnamese religious field. This year Course Outline designed for the Students of 3rd Year 5th Semester, (January-June, 2020) focuses on the meaning, origin, historical development and philosophy of Cao Dai religion with a view to generalizing the necessity of its study in World Religions and Culture even then it may generate considerable controversy in the minds of some of the students. This section, thus, reviews the topics to be mostly relevant to the contemporary issues raised in human society that helps answer crucial questions about the rational of Cao Dai studies.
This year the course opened on January 01, 2020 with 80 students and scheduled to be ended on June 30, 2020 that will be followed by assignments, presentation in the classes, midterm and final examinations.
Objectives of the Course
Students will understand what Cao Dai religion is and why.
Students will be able to take a historical and philosophical perspective of Caodaism.
Students will understand Caodaism’s relationship to social issues.
Students will understand Caodaism’s relationship to other religions.
Feedback from the Students at the End of the Lecture
This plan represents best guess of the instructor about what he will be doing in this class this semester. However, due to circumstances beyond his control, the plan is subject to change. All changes will be announced in advance in the class. Each student is responsible for keeping track of all changes.
Course Instructor
Mohammad Jahangir Alam
Associate Professor
Office: Arts Building 5012
The following are pictures of the current class:
Prof. Mohammad Jahangir Alam