Updated 2024-02-03 14:12:17

(News from Dhaka, Bangladesh Feb 1, 2024 – Reported by Mohammad Jahangir Alam PhD.)
At 9:00am on Feb. 1, 2024, the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh came alive with the spirit   of   unity   as   it   marked   the   International   Interfaith Harmony   Week   declared   by   the   United   Nations.   The meticulously organized  program  was  a  collaborative  effort between   the   Centre   for   Interreligious   and   Intercultural Dialogue and the Department of World Religions and Culture at  the University of Dhaka. This year, much like in the past, the Department  and  Centre  joined  forces  to  host a series of impactful  events  addressing  contemporary  issues  related  to interfaith harmony.
The diverse lineup  of  activities  encompassed  a  Harmony Rally,   Seminar,   Inter-University   Debates,   Paintings,   and Harmony Songs. Participants included members from various religious communities in Bangladesh, alongside students and faculty of  the  university.  The guest list  spanned  from  the Vice-Chancellor to students, scholars, civil society members, journalists, and the general public.
During the  Harmony  Rally,  students  took  on  the  roles  of representatives  from  major  world  religions  and  indigenous faiths.  Notably, Dao  Cao  Dai  was  represented  in  the  rally, with  a  participant  holding  the  DIVINE  EYE. This year, the Taoist Branch  made  a  distinctive  appearance  in  the  rally, dynamically    changing    colors    and   embodying   different branches of Caodaism through rotation.
The  overarching  goal  of  the  program  is  to  raise  awareness about interfaith harmony as a cornerstone for social stability, which, in turn, forms the bedrock of sustainable development. The essence of the celebration conveys a crucial message — that   the   universal   language   binding   us   together   is   the LANGUAGE  OF  LOVE.  Together, participants  echoed  the sentiment that they are one in peace, united in harmony, and embody  the  principles  of  Unity  in  Diversity  and  Beauty  in Difference.
Here are a few photos of the Harmony Rally :