Updated 2023-06-16 03:26:59

Dhaka, Bangladesh – June 11, 2023
The DEV Centre for Philosophical Studies of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh organized a seminar on Caodaism: An Outstanding Example of Religious Syncretism on June 11, 2023 in the Department of Philosophy. 
Professor Dr. Anisuzzaman Honorable Vice Chancellor, Global University of Bangladesh took part as a distinguished discussant while Professor Dr. Kazi Nurul Islam Honorary Professor, Department of World Religions and Culture, University of Dhaka chaired the program. 
Professor Dr. Shah Kawthar Mustafa Abululayee Chairman, Department of Philosophy & Director, DEV Centre for Philosophical Studies, University of Dhaka, conducted the seminar.
Teachers and students from different disciplines attended the seminar.
Professor Dr. Mohammad Jahangir Alam demonstrated the formative stages in terms of origin and development of Cao Dai religion; its connection to Vietnamese traditional elements myths, tales, doctrines and practices; its links with religio-cultural elements of Chinese, Indian and Western origin with a view to examining how Caodaism evolved by a long-term process of Western and Asian acculturation. Thus, first what he considers is the significant role of socio-historical factors in creating a strong footing for the emergence of a syncretic religion like Caodaism in Vietnam at the beginning of the early 20th century. Second, the process of Vietnamese acculturation is taken into consideration through which Caodaism borrowed diverse elements from different resources around it.
Professor Islam viewed Caodaism as a mosaic tradition.
Professor Anisuzzaman appreciated the holistic approach of Caodaism in regard to the relationship between God and humanity for love and justice