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(Kuala Lumpur, Malysia – April 6, 2019)
On behalf of the Caodai Overseas Missionary, Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Associate Professor in World Religions and Culture of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, attended the 8th Holy Books and World Literature Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 5-6 April 2019. The session was opened with his presentation entitled “Exploring Cao Dai Holy Books and Literatures: A Brief Overview”.
More than 50 delegates from around the world attended the Conference, with distinguished scholars such as:
-Dr. Ian Fry Melbourne, Australia, one of the Founder Members of Intertextuality Series,
-Rev. Dr. Ruwan Palapath Wala (RMIT, Melbourne),
-Dr. Abraham Karickam, former Professor of the University of Mahatma Gandhi, India and Chief of the United Religion Initiative, Asia Region,
-Dr. Amir Farid, former United Religion Initiative Global Council Trustee, Malaysia,
-Dr. Yogi Devraj, the Vice-chancellor of the Yoga University of the Americas
The context of the paper as a new phenomenon has dramatically drew the attention of the whole audience. Multidimensional questions relating to the theme of the paper were raised while Prof. Mohammad Alam, from his in-depth experience and study on Caodaism, has very satisfactorily addressed to all of the questions.
His paper basically aims to briefly characterize the Holy Books of Caodaism and the pattern of Caodai literatures. As Caodaism is a great synthesis of Eastern and Western traditions, he made an attempt to show how its literatures mostly encompass the elements of three Oriental religions (Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism), Christianity and Genii (folk traditions) in particular. Therefore, as per his investigation, the synthesis of Caodai literatures has been assumed different ways of development in relation to the mood of both Eastern and Western canonical literatures. And thereby he analyzes in his paper that Caodai literatures more or less resemble world canonical literatures. It was to that particular purpose that Mohammad Alam contributed in the 8th Holy Books Conference 2019, Malaysia.
The paper will be published as a book chapter in the Intertextuality of the Holy Books to be published by Dr. Alexander Marthoma Center for Dialogue, Kerala, India and the Cosmic Community Centre, Karickam, India.
To view Alam’s paper, please click this link.(Caodai presentation paper Holy Books Conference)
Prof. Mohammad Jahangir Alam (with tie)