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(Dec.6, 2018 – Photos taken by Le Cuong - Caodai TV)
At 10 am on December 6, 2018, Hollywood movie star MORGAN FREEMAN visited the Cao Dai Tay Ninh Holy See. He was warmly welcomed by the Supreme Patriarch Cardinal Thuong Tam Thanh, Chairman of the Cao Dai Sacerdotal Council, at the Cardinal’s office.
The delegation of Mr. Freeman is comprised of 23 people, 16 of whom are from the United States (including Production Manager, Screenplay Manager, Cameramen, Sound Specialist, Makeup Artist, and many other assistants) and seven Vietnamese specialists from the "116 Company" specializing in film and digital film production services in Ho Chi Minh City, Cambodia and Laos.
The purpose of the delegation is to learn about Caodaism in order to produce a television show called "Story of God" for the National Television Network "National Geographic"
Per Wikipedia, Morgan Freeman, born in 1937, is an actor, producer, and narrator. Freeman won the 2005 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for "Million Dollar Baby (2004)," and he has received Oscar nominations for his performances on such films as Street Smart (1987). ), Driving Miss Daisy (1989), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), and Invictus (2009). He also won the Golden Globe Award and the Screen Actors Guild Award. From 1980 up to present, Mr. Freeman has appeared on more than 60 films. He rose to fame as part of the 1970s children's drama cast of "The Electric Company." Noted for his deep voice, Mr. Freeman has been a storyteller, commentator and narrator for many shows, movie films and television programs. He is ranked as the fifth-highest box office star with $4.31 billion in total box office grosses, an average of $74.4 million per film.
Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman explores the meaning of life, God, and many big questions in between in an effort to understand how religion has evolved and shaped society. A different divine subject is covered in each hourlong episode, titles of which include "Creation," "The Devil Inside," "Afterlife," "Apocalypse," and "Who Is God?" To explore these topics, host and narrator Freeman visited nearly 20 cities in seven countries to see some of the world's greatest religious sites, among them Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, India's Bodhi Tree, Mayan temples in Guatemala, and the pyramids of Egypt, and he immerses himself in religious experiences and rituals. Morgan Freeman takes us on an ambitious global journey to understand how religion has evolved throughout the course of civilization, and in turn how religion has shaped the evolution of society.
"The Story of God with Morgan Freeman" is a US television documentary that premiered on National Geographic in the United States in 2016. Mr. Freeman explores various cultures and religions, and their take on religion-related topics, particularly about their belief in a God or a higher power. So, the program of Morgan Freeman has themes such as "Who is God?", "Afterlife", "Why Evil Exists" , "The Power of Miracles," "Heaven and Hell," "Proof of God."
Morgan Freeman and his team have heard about  Cao Dai and have begun their research starting in May of this year. Naz Yalcin, a producer and director of the show, contacted Cao Dai Priest Thuong Canh Thanh, President, Cao Dai Overseas Missionary, to ask for information about the religion, its doctrine, philosophy and history. She then asked for help in organizing a visit to the Cao Dai Tay Ninh Holy See.
After speaking with Cardinal Thuong Tam Thanh, Mr. Morgan Freeman was invited by Archbishop Ngoc Hong Thanh to tour the Great Temple and to attend the noon Prayer mass. Finally Mr. Freeman wrote his impressions on the Souvenir Guest book.
The "National Geographic" TV program is a US digital satellite and cable television network owned by the National Geographic Partners Group, which is majority owned by 21st Century Television Fox USA (often referred to as Fox News Channel). To produce the "Story of God," National Geographic has collaborated with "Revelations Entertainment". This company is an independent film production company founded by Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary in 1996 with the mission of "revealing the truth." The company is famous for producing soul entertainment films.
The production manager of the delegation revealed that the Cao Dai program could be shown on the National Geographic Channel in March 2019 in the United States and then in 180 countries around the world.
Here are some photos of the delegation’s visit:
Morgan Freeman and Cardinal Thuong Tam Thanh
Morgan Freeman with Archbishop Ngoc Hong Thanh (center)