Updated 2019-05-21 02:48:43

(Tay Ninh May 18, 2019 - Reported by Tuan Em, Caodai TV)
At 9:30 am on May 18, 2019, the documentary film crew for China's Global Television Network (CGTN) went to Tay Ninh Province to do a reportage on the Cao Dai religion. This reportage is to be presented in a conference with the theme "Dialogue among Asian civilizations” in Beijing, China at the end of May 2019.
CGTN is an English television channel broadcast by Chinese Television, formerly CCTV (China Central Television) News. This is a TV channel with English programs broadcasted worldwide, on the website and on cell phone applications.
The CGTN filming crew was led by a well-known reporter Rian Maelzer and a cameraman. Reporter Maelzer is an international reporter with 31 years of experience, is Canadian, living in Malaysia and has been working for CGTN for 21 years.
CGTN has done a lot of reportages across Asia and was eager to make a reportage on Caodaism because this religion was recognized as an indigenous religion, with many Asian religious traditions (Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism) as well as diversity in Caodai worship with a combination of Eastern and Western philosophy.
After more than two months of contacting and arranging for the filming with Reverend Thuong Canh Thanh – President, Caodai Overseas Missionary, the CGTN delegation went to Tay Ninh Holy See to do the filming, receiving a warm welcome from the Cao Dai Sacerdotal Council.
His Eminence Cardinal Thuong Tam Thanh, Chairman, Cao Dai Sacerdotal Council happily welcomed the filming crew and was interviewed by Rian Maelzer with questions about the history and philosophy of the religion, the meaning of the name Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do, about the synthesis of the 3 doctrines (Taoism-Confucianism-Buddhism), about the worship of Victor Hugo and many other Divinities, about the daily prayers, rites and religious ceremonies.
His Eminence Cardinal also shared information about the development of Caodaism in overseas. He was glad that many International Television networks came to Tay Ninh and did reportage on Cao Dai, because this is also a way to introduce and spread Cao Dai to the world, as well as to convey the message of love from God and to love each other like brother and sister in a same family, helping each other and bringing peace around the world.
After the interview with the Cardinal, the CGTN crew was guided to the Great Temple by Archbishop Ngoc Hong Thanh, Head of the Ministry of Interior and Rites, who explained the meanings of all the symbols and characteristics of the temple. The filming crew then attended the religious noon ceremony.
In the afternoon, the CGTV crew continued to visit the Holy See compound, the Holy Mother Goddess temple, the main gate. In the evening, the crew attended the midnight special ceremony which was on the 15th day of the lunar month.
The film crew of CGTN left Tay Ninh on the morning of May 19, 2019.